A comparison of concepts between realism and liberalism

Understanding events and attempting to make sense of them can be a daunting task. There are, however, tools available, which can assist in providing clarity to these complex issues. The first of these tools is historic knowledge.

A comparison of concepts between realism and liberalism

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Get Access Realism and Liberalism Compare and Contrast Essay Sample Many theories demonstrate insight into the concept of war, international relations and domestic relations.

Realism and liberalism provide pictures that relate and coexist, yet are opposite in theory. Realism is conservative and pessimistic. Realists plan for permanence of the current international state of affairs.

Liberalism is progressive and optimistic. Liberals believe change is necessary and inevitable. Neither viewpoint gives us the right or wrong side as both contain truths depending on circumstances. International politics relies on all players in order to be complete.

No one theory or example can cover all situations.

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Realist and liberalist theories provide contrasting views on actors, goals, and instruments of international affairs. Realists tell us that only powerful, larger states are true actors in international politics. Liberals believe that states are the central players but there are many other actors to consider.

The role of actor from some liberalist views includes individuals and corporations crossing international borders and binding together as another entity, the global community. In addition, contemporary times shows us that many powerful groups such as terrorist cells are real players in international affairs.

Realism explains that power is held and maintained by the states. Even if this proves true, other entities control situations that change how states interact. However, each side views the method for obtaining and maintaining power differently.

The realist claims that power comes from military dominance by state over state. Liberals open up the concept of power to include trade, corporate agreements and individual contracts.

Many states obtain great power through trade and would not be able to win a military war. Corporations maintain more control over international employment and production than many states.

A comparison of concepts between realism and liberalism

Historically, force by military action followed by occupation provided the main source of gain for an aggressive or threatened state. States battled one another by strengthening armies and massing weapons.

Realists believe cold war tactics are the best alternative to retain power and security for the state. Liberals see these tactics as unrealistic. The cost of implementing strong militaries and waging war outweighs the gain even before addressing the cost of cleanup and repair.

States increase power and control over trade by levying tariffs and taxes.

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Even while states are waging war against one another, trade continues among states inside and outside of the conflict. The issues of morality and ethics impart a new angle towards international relations and the use of force. In war, many innocent bystanders lose lives and property.

Who decides which life or what property is expendable? Nye gives the example of taking one life to save two others. The dilemma is that the guilty party is unknown.Similarities between Realism and Liberalism Anarchy nature Firstly, for the similarities, both Realists and Liberals believe in anarchy nature of international system that it is leaderless in the world system.

‘The major theories of international relations embrace the view that the international system is . The differences between liberalism and realism are easily defined.

Where liberalism views the individual as inherently good, realism views the individual as greedy and egoistic. To liberalism, the state is a functioning member of an international community, in much the same way that an individual is a functioning member of his respective community.

Mar 03,  · I hope this video can help you understand the basic differences between Realism and Liberalism, two major school of thoughts in International Relations.

The Mathematical Aspect On its formal side then, all "neo-classical" economics represented an early stage of the long, slow development, which still is going on today, of "mathematical economics" or what may be called a gradual "mathematicization" of economic theory.

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LIBERALISM AND REALISM: A MATRIX FOR POLITICAL ECONOMY IKE NNIA MBA SR, PHD Political economy profits from the interdisciplinary application of approaches and concepts that originated in the study of politics, economics, sociology, philosophy, and history.

comparism between liberalism and realism with respect to political economy.

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