Brown paper flooring

Before we started, we made a decision to try removing the vinyl without taking off the baseboard trim even though we were going to paint it all white later. Luckily, the vinyl came up easy breezy!

Brown paper flooring

First Name You are here: Brown paper flooring thought it was about time to address some of the most common questions people have about this easy, affordable, and beautiful flooring option. Before I get to the specific questions, I want to emphasize a couple of points that answer most general questions: If there is no out-of-the-way place to Brown paper flooring it, get a piece of material that is the same as the surface you want to cover and try it.

Can I do this on concrete? Paint the concrete with poly, apply the paper and then poly over the top.

Brown paper flooring

I just made sure to scrape it clean so it was smooth. Can I do this on tile? Other subfloors like pressboard or plywood? As always, I recommend to do a test patch in an out-of-the-way spot and see what it looks like!

How durable is this? The stairs looked as good as the day with finished them — much to my surprise — and there was one spot upstairs that tore from moving furniture.

I touched it up before selling. Can I do this in a bathroom? They report good results — one said her parents had it back in the 70s and it lasted more than 7 years.

Brown paper flooring

Another reader said after awhile it wore a little in front of the bathtub and they added more paper and poly and it continues to work for them! I would think kitchens may be the same, though they get a lot more traffic.

Can I do this on stairs? How long does it take to finish? Will the wrinkles smooth out? Is it hard on the knees? It takes a long weekend — about 3 days — to do the technique like I outlined in the video, longer if you want to stain the paper more on that below.

As the poly dries over the next week, they will lessen until hardly noticeable. How do you transition to other flooring ie, thresholds? How does it hold up with dogs?

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The bonus is, if it does get pulled up in an area by pets or moving furniture and such you can simply tear a piece of paper to cover it and poly it down. Can I use a roller to apply the polyurethane? Do I have to sand between coats?

The water-based poly has minimal smell- not at all like the oil-based stuff that is so strong and lingers for days. Can I use other types of paper? As with most other questions, I always suggest trying it first. Can I cut the paper into strips?

I think it gets harder when the pieces are bigger, though, so keep the pieces easy to handle and glue down. Can I use oil-based polyurethane?

I had to tear it ALL up and lay the paper all over again. And the smell- it was so bad, and for days. Can I stain it? Yes, readers have successfully stained it. You stain it one of three ways: Let dry fully before starting the poly coats. This is more time-saving than the first option, but you have to experiment with the mixture first to get the ratio so that the floor ends up the color you want.

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Can I put another floor over the top of it later? Do I have to rip it up? Yeah…do a test patch.the brown paper floor installation for my office = $65 So many people have asked about paper bagging their cement floor.

You can do this project on cement; however, you must seal the cement first as it is porous. All You Need to Know About Paper Bag Flooring After the floor is prepped, tear and crumple 6- to 8-inch paper wads from a roll of brown craft paper (the material used in brown paper lunch bags.

Trimaco's 48 in. x ft. Flooring Paper is a lighter alternative to Builder's Paper. This paper is larger in size and ideal for larger projects/5(4). This biodegradable Flooring Paper is ideal for garden weed control, arts and crafts projects and wrapping paper.

Easy to handle.4/5(3). AFTER BEFORE If you hate carpets and have a particle wood sub flooring this is the post for you!

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I have decided to rip out carpet! Particularly because I have grape juice stains in about two rooms We live on a busy ranch and the carpet is just trashed despite bringing in carpet shampooers and my personal.

The Trimaco 35 in. x ft. Brown Builder's Paper is an Economical Kraft construction paper which is large enough for several projects.

It can be used as a paint drop cloth and runner or /5().

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