Compare and contrast the presentation o

Image Metrics -- finger-printing images for comparision Web Cameras -- Finding what has changed in fixed cameras The ability to compare two or more images, or finding duplicate images in a large collection, is a very tricky matter. In these examples we look at comparing images to determine how they similar they are, and where they differ. This may involve classifying or grouping images into various types for better handling.

Compare and contrast the presentation o

I recently attended an event for new mothers and mothers to-be.


Representatives from the state immunization program were there at a table, giving out information. When speaking with other attendees, I found that these representatives were telling people that aluminum in vaccines is safe because a child receives more aluminum in breastmilk than in vaccines.

I went to their table to ask them about this specific claim. Anything and everything ingested is subject to the gastrointestinal tract before it is absorbed into the bloodstream and ends up in other vital organs and tissues.

Therefore, up to Some math using 10mg aluminum in breastmilk, and 0. In contrast of course, most vaccines are injected. The contents of an injected vaccine are not subject to the gastrointestinal tract. Aluminum, along with other ingredients, are injected intramuscularly in order to intentionally bypass the natural barriers of the body skin, mucus membranes, etc.

Blood flows to and from our muscles, so the contents of a vaccine can enter the bloodstream rapidly.

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First, elimination from the blood does not equal elimination from the body. Depending on the individual, blood levels may drop as the aluminum becomes deposited in organs and tissues, or aluminum may get trapped at the injection site.

Second, there is evidence from in vivo scientific research that once aluminum is injected via vaccine, it is not quickly eliminated from the blood. One study sought to measure the amount of aluminum eliminated from the body 28 days after injection.

Urine and blood samples were taken daily. Blood levels demonstrated the persistence of aluminum as well. The claim that the amount of aluminum in vaccines is safe, based on a flawed comparison to the amount of aluminum in breastmilk, is not science.

Part of this trick is allowing you to make the assumption that the amount of aluminum in breastmilk is safe and non-toxic.

Compare and contrast the presentation o

Any amount of biologically active aluminum that reaches the bloodstream can cause adverse effects. The degree and location of that effect will vary depending on the individual, however, it is known that chronic, low level exposure to aluminum accelerates brain aging and neurodegeneration.

The risk of injury from aluminum-containing vaccines is significant for adults as well as infants and children. For more information, please listen to this presentation by aluminum toxicology expert, Dr. Exleyand watch the documentary, Injecting Aluminum.(a) Judgment as a Matter of Law.

(1) In General. If a party has been fully heard on an issue during a jury trial and the court finds that a reasonable jury would not have a legally sufficient evidentiary basis to find for the party on that issue, the court may: (A) resolve the issue against the party; and.

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