Government and politics revision guide

Apply now Overview Do you want to understand the causes of war and conflict in the international system, and why some states are poor while others are rich?

Government and politics revision guide

Democracy is any society or political system where the public have the opportunity to make or influence decisions and where the government is accountable to those people. Common ideas within democracy are that decisions are made using open discussion and debate.

Democracy exists at certain levels in many modern states. Legitimacy is the idea that a government has a democratic right to hold political power. Legitimacy is usually, though not always, given through an election.

Government and politics revision guide

This simply means that if a government is voted in by the people, it has the right to rule. Examples of cases of legitimacy are: It is legitimate because it is elected. It is legitimate because it has a clear mandate to govern.

This means it is difficult to say whether they have the right to hold political power or not.

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Examples of cases where the legitimacy can be argued against are: It is not legitimate as they are not elected but born into it. There are two types of representation: This is where the person is a member of the group they represent, such as an old person representing a group of old people.

This is where the person is not a member of the group they represent, such as a young person representing a group of old people. What is Direct Democracy? Direct democracy is a type of democracy where the people make the important political decisions, or are consulted before key decisions are made.

This means they are directly involved in the decision making process, rather than leaving it to elected representatives. What is a Referendum?

Politics News | Breaking Political News, Video & Analysis-ABC News - ABC News The Constitution of State constitutions are best understood with reference to their historical roots.
Relationship Between Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) And Government Directory of California County Assessors.
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Revision Resources | Politics Teaching Website (Launching in September ) This snippet is for sons and daughters of China! The work on "Imperial China", which was originally planned for after "Republican China", is now being pulled forward, with continuous updates posted to Pre-HistoryXia, ShangZhouQinand Han dynasties, offering the readers a tour of ancient China transcending space and time.
International Relations and Politics | University of Portsmouth European expansion before Antecedents of European expansion Medieval Europe was largely self-contained until the First Crusade —99which opened new political and commercial communications with the Muslim Near East.

A referendum is a type of direct democracy and is the most common form. It can be national, regional or local. Referendums are held for the following reasons: In the UK, referendums are not legally binding; however, if the result is high, it would be only smart for the government to take the answer into account; otherwise the public would lose faith in the government.

Examples of referendums are: This was a national referendum on whether the UK should remain a member of the European community. This was a regional referendum, held only in Wales, on whether Wales should have an elected assembly.

This was a local referendum, held only in London, on whether London should have an elected mayor and assembly. What is Representative Democracy? Representative democracy is where citizens within a country elect representatives to make decisions for them.

The first type is both representative of the people and is democratic; the second is neither representative nor democratic.Taylor Report A new partnership for our schools.

Myanmar: Geographical and historical treatment of Myanmar, including maps and a survey of its people, economy, and government. Dec 02,  · In which Republican donors pick your children’s pockets. Relationship Between Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) And Government - A CASE STUDY OF NIGERIA LABOUR CONGRESS (NLC).

A strong government is a government that has a strong, overall majority, and can implement all or most of their manifesto promises.

What is a Stable Government? A stable government is a government is where there is a reasonable majority, and there are very few crises, such economic and world problems, international problems and strikes.

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