How organizations shape the environment essay

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How organizations shape the environment essay

The Multinational Corporation Factors Affecting Organizational Design Although many things can affect the choice of an appropriate structure for an organization, the following five factors are the most common: Organizational size The larger an organization becomes, the more complicated its structure.

In reality, if the organization is very small, it may not even have a formal structure.


Rules and guidelines are not prevalent and may exist only to provide the parameters within which organizational members can make decisions. Small organizations are very often organic systems. As an organization grows, however, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage without more formal work assignments and some delegation of authority.

Therefore, large organizations develop formal structures. Tasks are highly specialized, and detailed rules and guidelines dictate work procedures.

How organizations shape the environment essay

Interorganizational communication flows primarily from superior to subordinate, and hierarchical relationships serve as the foundation for authority, responsibility, and control.

The type of structure that develops will be one that provides the organization with the ability to operate effectively.

How organizations shape the environment essay

That's one reason larger organizations are often mechanistic—mechanistic systems are usually designed to maximize specialization and improve efficiency.

Organization life cycle Organizations, like humans, tend to progress through stages known as a life cycle. Like humans, most organizations go through the following four stages: Each stage has characteristics that have implications for the structure of the firm.

Organizational size

In the birth state, a firm is just beginning. An organization in the birth stage does not yet have a formal structure. In a young organization, there is not much delegation of authority. In this phase, the organization is trying to grow. The emphasis in this stage is on becoming larger. The company shifts its attention from the wishes of the founder to the wishes of the customer.

The organization becomes more organic in structure during this phase. It is during this phase that the formal structure is designed, and some delegation of authority occurs.The Business Environment Essay.

The Business Environment A business exists as an organization engaged in the selling of goods (products), services, or both to the organizations consumers.

Creating Adaptive Organizations; Several participants noted that you have to shape the structure of an organization in order to enable employees to “think out the box” and create new ways of doing things. Many have written and commented on the need to create an environment inside the organization where employees feel the psychological.

Introduction PESTLE analysis is primarily used by organizations in the identification of the various factors that shape the external environment in which the organization operates (Babette & . Global Business Environment This course provides students with the concepts, tools, and skill sets necessary to conduct in-depth analysis of the global economic landscape.


The goal is to understand the underlying market and institutional mechanisms that drive globalization, shape the international business environment, and influence.

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