How successful can the management of

It takes careful planning, attention to detail and effective communication to make a project succeed.

How successful can the management of


Management of canine and feline diabetes Insulin therapy is the cornerstone of managing canine and feline diabetes. Find information on establishing a complete management regime to suit both animals and their owners.

You can also download a program to calculate dose rates and plot blood glucose curves. Veterinary Insulin Caninsulin, an intermediate-acting insulin, contains porcine insulin.

How successful can the management of

Caninsulin is indicated in the treatment of diabetes mellitus in dogs and cats. For Caninsulin information relevant to your country, please choose from this list: The veterinarian's role Canine and feline diabetes can be managed successfully and easily with correct diagnosis and treatment, which includes insulin therapy.


Client education and good communication between you the veterinarian and pet owners is vital. The pet owner's role Pet owners play a crucial role in the successful management of diabetes mellitus in their pets. Your attitude to diabetes will largely determine the pet owner's motivation and compliance with treatment.

Introducing VetPen - the first veterinary insulin pen and a breakthrough in pet diabetes management. Canine and feline diabetes can be managed successfully with correct treatment, which includes insulin therapy.Enter one or more items including Title, Author, Description and Keyword.

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