How to write a good extended essay introduction

Many people find it a challenge for lack of adequate preparation. Doing a research on your topic is the first step in writing in an easy way. This will help know what you are writing about, hence flowing in ideas. Discuss your main argument at the introduction part and what you will discuss about in your extended essay.

How to write a good extended essay introduction

Starting early is a time-management aspect you'll have to figure out on your own. But I can help you a lot on the second part. Your supervisor can help you with this, but often they'll leave it to you.

With the right question almost anything is possible. With the wrong question, you're setting yourself up to fail. Most students brainstorm possible ideas, ask for suggestions and read successful EE samples which are often available in your high school library.

But I want to help you to do better than the average student. The following 4 tests will help you make sure your RQ is top notch.

How to Write an Extended Essay?

Of course the question needs to be one that is answerable within the word limit. You should be asking one relatively simple question. Try to make your question as focused small as possible. A question like, "Has the Singapore government's approach to health care improved economic growth" is WAY too broad.

Because the government has a lot of approaches to health care thousands of them for all we know and it's would be pretty hard to show a causal link between any of these strategies and economic growth. A question like, "Is Singapore's grocery store industry an oligopoly?

It's not too broad; however, that one's also probably too obvious. Singapore only has 2 or 3 grocery store chains, so you can pretty much answer this question on the first page.

You need something that fits between these two extremes. In Singapore, it's much less clear to me anyway whether the movie theatre industry is an oligopoly, so you could ask, "What market structure would best characterise Singapore's movie theatre industry.

In Business you'll need 4 or 5 of these. In Economics you'll need one main one and then one or two smaller ones to touch on. As I explain here, your mission is to show off how much you understand the ideas taught in class. A common mistake which happens slightly more in Business EE's is to research every possible aspect of a business maybe because your dad works there and then expect that sharing that information will impress the marker so much that you'll get a 7.

Extended Essay Topics

Every year there's a student who does this normally without realising it. They think that knowing as much about the company as an insider does is enough.

We just want to see that you understand course concepts and can use those to prove or disprove a thesis using course concepts. However you do need to answer it really soon.

If your RQ fails test 3 you won't be able to use it. Try to think about the concepts you'll be using Test 2. For the economics example above the theatre oneyou might want to determine whether there is price competition, so you'd want to compare prices over time from different theatres, in different locations, at different times, etc.

That information won't be easy to get. Test 3 is about access. EE research normally requires that someone on the inside trusts you. For a business student, if you're doing to do a SWOT analysis and some kind of investment appraisal, what data will you need to fill in those tools?

Consider, what information you would need to answer those questions. Data that you expect is probably available i.How To Write An Extended Essay Introduction.

Views ; Comments 0; Essay Help; Author Sandra W. How To Write Your Extended Essay Introduction. It requires one to be well prepared when writing the introduction of extended essay.

Many people find it a challenge for lack of adequate preparation. A good way to start an introduction is by. The amount of good extended essay topics is huge. You need to come up with your question according to your subject and the main theme.

To deal with your extended essay and even to learn how to write an extended essay, you need an advisor. It is time to learn how to write extended essay introduction. This part always considers a writer. The Extended Essay Step-by-Step Guide: How to Write It With summer either already here or very near, it’s time for our next step in the Extended Essay Step-by-Step Guide.

This one will help give you that push to put all of that essay preparation to use. What is an Extended Essay? If you write an extended definition essay on what this type of assignment is, the best reply would be, “The Extended Essay is a 4,word thesis written under supervision of an advisor and is a mandatory component of the IB Diploma.” Writing an extended essay is a part of the International Baccalaureate program.

how to write a good extended essay introduction

Writing an extended essay can be challenging even for expert writers with a good command of structure and knowledge of effective techniques. This is because this format is rarely required and not frequently discussed.

Below are the six key tips you need to follow to write an outstanding Extended Essay. Tip #1: Write About Something You Enjoy. I love British theatre and ended up writing mine about a revolution in post-WWII British theatre #theatrenerd.

I really encourage anyone who pursues an .

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