Lessons from wrongful convictions

Distribute the Viewing Guide and tell students that you will show them three video clips.

Lessons from wrongful convictions

Already have the mobile app? If you think because you already have the app, you are set to go, then think again! Where local governments are on the receiving end of a petition for certiorari, participants will learn how to craft a response and under what circumstances a local government should consider waiving their response.

Lessons from the Chamberlain case: the human cost of wrongful conviction

The program will conclude with a discussion on oral argument practice tips from two Supreme Court practitioners who combine for over oral arguments before the Supreme Court. A networking lunch is included.

MUST be registered for the seminar to attend. This is a half day program maybe longer that is part of the IMLA Seminar and designed for those city and county attorneys who lead and manage public law offices. More information and registration coming soon!

There is no additional cost to attend this event, but you MUST register! New technology is providing additional options for cities to codify, amend, supplement and access their codes. From in-house to self-service and all the way to full service, keeping your code up to date and accessible is key to connecting with your citizens.

Ethics Ordinances Discuss a process for developing or amending municipal Codes of Ethics, typical contents for such codes, the role of staff and outside counsel, and legal concerns.

Zoning Options Zoning options: Open Issues in Section Litigation A discussion of legal issues that arise routinely in section litigation, but have not been conclusively resolved by the Supreme Court, and may be ripe for review. I will host a round table discussion about what critical elements municipal counsel need to include in framing a successful Public Private Partnership [P3] contract between a municipality and private company.

Post Disaster Recovery and Resiliency Join us to discuss best practices in procurement and resilient rebuilding to ensure compliance with Federal disaster relief funding streams. We'll share "war stories" and lessons learned to avoid when disaster strikes.

Qualified Immunity Under Attack A number of academics have recently written articles attacking the reasons the Supreme Court has stated to justify qualified immunity; one has gone so far as to say qualified immunity is unlawful. Justice Thomas has cited to one of these articles; lower court judges have cited to other articles.

What can practitioners do to counter these attacks on a legal doctrine for important to local governments? When the Elected Official is the Problem This table will discuss, share war stories, and offer solutions for when an elected official goes off the rails.

It does not take an indictment to make your life challenging. Small incidents like not understanding the appearance of impropriety or wanting to monitor employee email accounts, or personal financial difficulties can not only create conflict among your elected officials, but also legal conflicts in responding to an addressing these issues.

Balch, Principal, Balch Law Group The dress is business casual. We hope to see you there! Sponsors IMLA has a wide variety of sponsorship opportunities as well as customizable ones. If you are interested, please contact Caroline at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Crisis Management Conference.

Thursday, Nov. 1, Create a plan, be prepared, manage your risk and exposure – Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly and BridgeTower Media present a full-day conference focused on best practices for crisis management.

Lessons from wrongful convictions

For six years now I have worked diligently within the innocence movement, and I often hear the question: 'How do wrongful convictions happen?' Convicting the Innocent gives all the answers. It is a fascinating study of what goes wrong, and it clearly shows that virtually all wrongful convictions .

An Insurance Company Must Respond To A Subpoena Involving Ongoing Third-Party Litigation.

About Michael Mills. Mr. Mills practices in the area of civil litigation and appeals, with particular experience in matters involving trucking liability, insurance defense, insurance coverage, premises liability, products liability and defense of personal injury. The Innocence Project, founded in by Peter Neufeld and Barry Scheck at Cardozo School of Law, exonerates the wrongly convicted through DNA testing and reforms the .

The Lessons of Wrongful Convictions / dial interrogations, to problematic iden-tification procedures, to inadequate de-fense counsel.

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