Life of st john de la

Mary's University Student Reflections on Saint John Baptist de La Salle These reflections come from a reflection booklet prepared as part of a final class project by the students enrolled in the class "Great Ideas: Mary's University of Minnesota during the Spring semester. Jill Arens Saint John Baptist de La Salle's simple practice of making himself and those around him aware of God's presence at every moment was a central aspect of his life.

Life of st john de la

The Life of St.

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John Baptist De La Salle is full of challenges and sacrifices. Born with a silver spoon, he chose to leave his comfortable life to help his brothers in the community and the poor school boys in France.

He sold his material possessions to establish a new group of lay religious leaders that will help educate the youth during his time. Due to his innovative approach in classroom management and training of teachers, the civil authorities in Paris objected to his new ways and filed law suits against him.

Even his superiors in the Church did not support him and even doubted his motives in establishing his new order. There were also in-fighting and bickering within the ranks of the brothers.

Even those who first supported him like Adrian Nyel deserted him later. Despite all of these problems and challenges, St.

La Salle was unfazed. He continued his work until his last breath. Anyone can relate to the challenges and struggles faced by St. De La Salle in his life as we also face the same challenges of betrayal, lack of hope and resistance to change in our own life.

Faced with such enormous obstacles, St. La Salle did not quit and chose to continue his mission. In his life, he showed his leadership qualities of being a risk taker, innovator, servant leader and mentor. La Salle came from awealthy family. His family lived in a big house with all the amenities of a comfortable and luxurious life.

It was easy for him to just go with the flow and stay within his comfort zone. However, a chance encounter with a poor and uneducated teenage boy Andre led him to think deeply about the plight of others, particularly the poor children of France. This enlightenment motivated him to create a new way of teaching the students and establish a new group of school teachers the brothers of the Christian Schools.

By doing this, he risked losing his material possessions, his reputation, and even his liberty for a cause that he truly believed in. As a Lasallian business leader, I should follow St. At home, I should always strive to be a better spouse and parent by looking after the welfare of my family before my own.

At work, I should strive to be better by going outside my comfort zone and not just do what is expected of me. I should speak up when I see something wrong and defend the truth despite the risk of offending the sensitivities of others.

La Salle welcomed the risk.

Life of st john de la

I should also do the same. La Salle instituted many changes in the school system of France during his time. First, he sought the training of school teachers so that they will be better equipped to teach the students. Second, he implemented a new approach to teaching during his time by having group teaching instead of one on one teaching.

Third, he also changed the medium of teaching from Latin to French. These changes drew the ire of civil and church authorities who were not willing to change. La Salle was a trail blazer — an innovator in teaching the youth of France.

As a Lasallian business leader, I should also strive to find new and innovative ways of doing things and not be afraid of change.

For example at my present work, I instituted the centralization of certain finance functions such as accounting, credit and collection and treasury.

This resulted in streamlining of processes and made the work more efficient. Just like what happened to St. La Salle with the civil and church authorities, many employees resisted in our company as they were forced to learn new things.

I was determined to continue with the plan and now it is the process in place in our company. Indeed, to be a leader means that you are willing to change and try new things to make things better.

To be a servant leader means that you are willing to sacrifice your own interest for the benefit of those whom you lead. Jesus Christ is the perfect example of a servant leader when he washed the feet of his disciples during the last supper.

Instead of asking his feet to be washed, he was the one who washed the feet of his followers.Saint John-Baptiste de la Salle (April 30, – April 7, ) was a French priest, educational reformer, and founder of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools. He is a saint of the Catholic Church and the patron saint for teachers.

De La Salle died near Rouen on Good Friday, April 7, , with 23 active communities and Brothers continuing the mission he set forth. He was canonized a saint in and named the Patron Saint of Teachers in De La Salle: One Heart, One Commitment, One Life October 19 · In celebration of St. La Salle's Tercentenary in , we look at the Lasallians who continue his Mission.4/4(1).

It includes De La Salle’s complete story, along with location specific details, narrative, reflection questions, and live links to videos and website pages on this website. Perfect for personal or group exploration. John Baptist de la Salle was born at Rheims, France on April 30th. He was the eldest of ten children in a noble family.

He studied in Paris and was ordained in He was known for his work with the poor. He died at St. Yon, Rouen, on April 7th. He was canonized by Pope Leo XIII in John was very involved in education. My life is not that different with St. John Baptist De LaSalle's life.

Like him I was born with a family that is noble and in the upper-class of the society.

Life of st john de la

Since my family is righteous, I have received an excellent development in my life from them.

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