Motivation letter master thesis

When the student Feuerbach presented his own theory to professor HegelHegel refused to reply positively to it.

Motivation letter master thesis

Realizing this, Indonesian government and civilians start to built their beloved country. One of our endeavour is to modernize our way to retreive and access informations digitalizationand the usage of internet technologies.

Sadly, along with the development of internet in Indonesia, digital crimes in Indonesia is also increasing. Because, if I can master the knowledge of computer security, I will be able to assist my country maintaining its digital environment, and in the end, it will help my country breaking the "third world country" title, and become one of the prosperous countries in the world.

It is unarguably true that as long as we have the integrity to do something, we will always produce a good result in the end.

motivation letter master thesis

But we can't neglect the fact, that the better the environment, the better result we can get. TU Darmstadt is located in Darmstadt, a city that has promoting itself as a "city of science" sinceand become one of the high-tech center in Germany.

For example, there is a course titled "IT-Sicherheit-Management". This course will provides me with the knowledge to manage the security of IT system. So that, I can manage the security of IT system better. Besides of the reasons above, I have another reason why I want to do my graduate studies in TU Darmstadt.

It is because one of my role models Prof. Iskandar Alisjahbana is an alumni from TU Darmstadt. That is why I think that TU Darmstadt will be the best choice for me to conduct my graduate studies. Because I can undergone the very path that Prof.

I graduated from the best Technological Institute in my homeland Institut Teknologi Bandungand have demonstrated my solid skills and capabilities in Computer and Electrical Engineering during my bachelor's study with GPA of X.

Y scale ofwith 4 as the highest. During my bachelor studies, I was involved in many student organizations activities. I have lead the divisions of national-scales student activities for several times. One of them was became the leader of Innovative Entrepreneurship Challenge 3's Logistic Division, a national scale bachelor level entrepreneurship competition.

And these experiences make me able to blend and work in team easily. And it will also allow me to live up my dream in the world of computer security.MEET THE TEAM.

motivation letter master thesis

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