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In all things, God desires us to treat each other with the same love He has for us. An actual act of revenge toward another person that results in real harm is a mortal sinand must be absolved formally through the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

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Classification[ edit ] According to level of contamination, a wound can be classified as: Clean wound — made under sterile conditions where there are no organisms present, and the skin is likely to heal without complications.

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Contaminated wound — usually resulting from accidental injury; there are pathogenic organisms and foreign bodies in the wound.

Infected wound — the wound has pathogenic organisms present and multiplying, exhibiting clinical signs of infection yellow appearance, soreness, redness, oozing pus.

No wounds

Colonized wound — a chronic situation, containing pathogenic organisms, difficult to heal i. Open[ edit ] Open wounds can be classified according to the object that caused the wound: Incisions or incised wounds — caused by a clean, sharp-edged object such as a kniferazoror glass splinter.

Lacerations — irregular tear-like wounds caused by some blunt trauma. Lacerations and incisions may appear linear regular or stellate irregular. The term laceration is commonly misused in reference to incisions. Abrasions are often caused by a sliding fall onto a rough surface such as asphalttree bark or concrete.

Avulsions — injuries in which a body structure is forcibly detached from its normal point of insertion. A type of amputation where the extremity is pulled off rather than cut off. When used in reference to skin avulsions, the term ' degloving ' is also sometimes used as a synonym.

Puncture wounds — caused by an object puncturing the skinsuch as a splinternail or needle. Penetration wounds — caused by an object such as a knife entering and coming out from the skin.

Gunshot wounds — caused by a bullet or similar projectile driving into or through the body. There may be two wounds, one at the site of entry and one at the site of exit, generally referred to as a "through-and-through. Hematomas or blood tumor — caused by damage to a blood vessel that in turn causes blood to collect under the skin.

Hematomas that originate from internal blood vessel pathology are petechiaepurpuraand ecchymosis. The different classifications are based on size.

Hematomas that originate from an external source of trauma are contusionsalso commonly called bruises.

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Crush injury — caused by a great or extreme amount of force applied over a long period of time.A wound is a type of injury which happens relatively quickly in which skin is torn, cut, or punctured (an open wound), or where blunt force trauma causes a contusion (a closed wound).

In pathology, it specifically refers to a sharp injury which damages the dermis of the skin. Most wounds don't need one after a few days, but if you keep the area covered, it may help protect the cut from injury and it may heal faster.

If you do keep a bandage on, change it every day. Frank Gusenberg (October 11, – February 14, ) was an American contract killer and a victim of the Saint Valentine's Day massacre in Chicago, Illinois. No Visible Wounds has 57 ratings and 5 reviews.

Melissa said: Since leaving my last relationship a few months ago, I've struggled with what has happened /5. Conditions & Treatments What is a non-healing wound? A non-healing or chronic wound is defined as a wound that does not improve after four weeks or does not heal in eight weeks.

This book describes the experience of being a woman who has been abused emotionally, as well as the experience of others not believing her because there are no visible wounds.

I found it very helpful/5(24).

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