Personal essay prejudice

Prejudice When a person hears the word prejudice, he or she might think it only refers to the racial prejudice often found between those with light skin and those with dark skin. Prejudice is found between gender, religion, cultural and geographical background, and race. People have discriminated against others based upon these attributes from the beginning of time.

Personal essay prejudice

Essay on Prejudice December 6, Posted by sdpurtill in Uncategorized. This is my December essay that I had to write for school. I liked the topic, so I decided to post it. Prejudice We will never be able to measure the full effects of prejudice: I think it affects everyone, even if it occurs at a subconscious level.

I will be the first to admit that I am prejudice: I judge people daily by how they dress, talk, and look. Prejudice has a heavy psychological impact on the ones to whom it is directed at; it shows the ignorance of the person displaying the prejudice; and yes, I believe prejudice can be lessened, but I it will never be eliminated.

First off, I would like to quote Ayn Rand on racism: Which means, in practice, that a man is to be judged, not by his own character and actions, but by the characters and actions of a collective of ancestors. Prejudice can have a wide range of implications on the person to whom it is directed at.

An example of this would be a black person who grows up in an all white community. This kid could always feel alone, because his black friends disown him for acting white, and his white friends are subconsciously prejudice against him simply because he is black.

Stereotype, Prejudice and Discrimination

This is a tough situation, and is extremely true in the lives of a lot of kids especially in inner-cities. You can see this at Buckingham; the majority of black kids are caught up in the whole hip-hop culture. I kind of hit a rabbit trail there, but you can understand: The person displaying the prejudice shows the ignorance of that person.

Most kids get their prejudice roots from their parents at a very young age; it can come from a ton of different situations where the parent makes a comment, joke, etc, about a certain group. It also can come from the environment, in which the child grows up, and different situations that the child is involved in or witnesses.

That being said, it is not an excuse for the person to be racist against the entire group, be it ethnic, social, or any other grouping. So, when someone judges another according to the group that they are associated with, this is completely erroneous, and it shows that the judger is basing his evaluation of that person off a general consensus.

This is basing your judgment off of a collective: We live in a semifree capitalist society today. As stated in the Constitution, every American has these rights: There is a huge philosophical discussion that I could go into about that statement alone, but I will refrain.

Those rights are all that we need as free citizens in a government that has limitations the Bill of Rights. There are a few things that could be done to lessen prejudice in America today. One of the first things I would suggest we do is to teach all the youth to never judge someone based on the group they are associated with, but to only judge them based on their productive ability.

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This would have a domino effect: This would, in turn, generate smarter kids from the educational system: Since we live in a capitalist society, everybody relatively has the same chance — when going to a job, you are hired on your ability. If the education system was graduating the majority of kids that were extremely smart, this would raise the competition to get a job.

This would mean that jobs suddenly become harder to get, and only the highly qualified would be getting all the jobs. This could all happen if each individual taught their children that they need not judge on skin color, clothes, or social status, but judge on productive ability.

In conclusion, there is no way that prejudice will ever be abolished in any society; it is futile to even try.

Personal essay prejudice

As you can see from the previous paragraphs: I rest my case.Winners of the high school division of the Holocaust Essay Contest include Napa High School senior Alex Brauer in first place, New Technology High School senior Barbara Joy Lucas in second place, and Napa High School senior Russell Miller in third place.

Short Essay #2 Growing up, I never dealt with much prejudice or discrimination, or not much that I was aware of at the time. Having being raised in various neighborhoods, like all Hispanic, black, and white neighborhoods I noticed the differences, but never took a much in dept look into it until my sophomore and junior year in high school/5(1).

Personal essay prejudice

Below is an essay on "Personal Prejudice" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Short Essay #2 Growing up, I never dealt with much prejudice or discrimination, or not much that I was aware of at the time/5(1). Sep 30,  · The Plot of Pride and Prejudice.

Wiesenfarth, Joseph. “The Plot of Pride and Prejudice.”The Errand of Form: An Assay of Jane Austen’s Art. New York: Fordham University Press, The Counselor’s response, she could expect to get in and I could too, as long as I recognized that it may take a little more strategy and energy on my part, although my grades and aptitude for the school curriculum were much better.

Essay # tranceformingnlp.comg, Definition and Characteristic of Prejudice: Prejudice is a disease of the society persisting from age to age. Prejudice is derived from the Latin noun, Prejudium which means prejudgement.

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