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Pizza Patron Pizza Patron has been serving up hot pies to pizza lovers primarily in the south and southwest for almost 20 years. What makes this chain unique is the Latin flair in each of its restaurants.

Pizza patron

Food and Restaurant Franchises Franchise Units: It was in the Pleasant Grove section of Dallas, Texas. Although the store has moved one block since then, it is still open and serving great pizzas every single day. Over the years, the look of our logo and the lobby of our stores have changed a little, but our passion and commitment remain the same.

Pizza patron

It seems you can buy a Pizza patron on every corner. Having just a good pizza is not good enough. If you want to make really great pizza, you have to start at the bottom.

That means making excellent pizza dough. Not once a week or even once a day. We make our pizza in small batches all evening long.

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We never add preservatives. We make and use the dough the same day. Only hi-gluten flour with elevated protein levels will do. Purified water and other key ingredients are combined together to make each batch. The dough is then weighed and divided into smaller pieces.

How the dough is handled from this point makes a big difference in the quality of the finished pizza. Our pizza crust is light and airy with just the right amount of bite.

We think the secret is the way we proof the dough. Too often, pizzerias try to hurry the proofing process. This is a big mistake.

There is no substitute for time when handling fresh dough. You cannot rush the natural process of the yeast.

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Also, you cannot combine proofing and baking into just one step. If you do, the result will be dough that is gummy in the middle, and the wonderful flavor of fresh pizza dough will not be fully developed.

The second part of making a great pizza has got to be the sauce. It has to be seasoned just right, not too spicy but still full of flavor.

Pizza patron

Not just any tomato, however. We use only the wonderful Roma tomato. Our tomatoes come from only one place. That place is Stanislaus County in Northern California. The climate and the soil are perfect for growing this delicious fruit.

For six weeks at the end of the summer, the tomatoes are harvested. Great care is taken to ensure that the tomatoes are handled properly. As each truckload arrives from the field, it is tested.

One of the things that is measured is the citric acid content of every batch. Then the tomatoes are combined with others that will ensure a perfect balance of natural tomato flavor.The latest Tweets from Pizza Patrón (@pizzapatron).

Pizza Patrón.

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Pizza Like A Boss. You’ve Got Your Own Flavor and we want you to bring it. Patróns Order Online. Pizza patron is a fairly goo place to order.. though sometimes you might ask for pie clice and they give you the other kind of slice. lucky for them the pizza tastes sooooooooo go you dont notice how it is tranceformingnlp.comry: Pizza,Restaurants.

Pizza Patron - 19th Avenue at N 19th Ave, Suite in Phoenix, Arizona store location & hours, services, holiday hours, map, driving directions and more.

14 reviews of Pizza Patron "Bomb pizza, better than papas, better than dominoes, better than digiornos. It sucks that it's all the way in Coachella but it always tastes fresh and a large pepperoni is only like $ The staff is always nice and /5(14).

Pizza Patrón. Visit Pizza Patrón today and enjoy your favorite pizzas and sides at unbeatable everyday values. Grab your slice of the Latin life.

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