Project management homework1

Determine the key differences between free slack and total slack in the project management environment.

Project management homework1

Keeping a thing simple makes it easier to understand for most stakeholders e. Project stakeholders can measure project success in terms of benefits it delivers. These days all of us are expected to be efficient. So, if efficiency is expected from everyone, how can we make the difference?

Here is a 6 steps approach to do effective project management for your organization and drive better results. As mentioned earlier you should identify Who are the project stakeholders, who are going to be beneficiaries?

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What are the outcome-benefits expected by various stakeholders? Based on these benefits, how you can garner buy-in from senior management or customers? High level of deliverable, skill set required to deliver those Identify metrics: Clarity of project requirements, project scope In most cases, unclear project requirement definitely results in project failure.

Right at the beginning ensure all relevant stakeholders understand project requirements clearly and the importance of having unambiguous project scope.

It is pretty common these days to see that sales team, project managers working with clients and help him articulate client's requirements. Based on very high level project requirement, you can chalk out project charter, project scope.

If you would like to avoid project scope creepyou will have to make stakeholders understand that project scope is sacrosanct. Having said that total inflexibility can also kill project outcome i. You can accommodate change request after reviewing its value to project outcome.

Project management homework1

It is crucial for effective project management to be able to have complete and clear project requirement, right at the beginning and avoid project scope creep during project execution.

You can use right project management tools to draft, articulate project requirements, review and seek approvals, so that transparency and accountability for project requirement is ensured.

The best project management tool will help your customer or senior project management from bad surprises. Here are some of the interesting findings 44 percent of project managers do not use project management software; interestingly though top consulting firm PWC has found out that using PM software increases performance.

But if you are sending emails to stakeholders by yourself, then you are certainly not doing it in the best way, you are spending time on things which are best handled and automated by project management tool.

A project management software is indispensable to automate project communication. Any change in project schedule, issue assignment, new risk in register, comments to tasks, issues, risks, project meetings, task due date reminder, project status change notification, etc.

Planning schedule, risks, resources Team Selection Once a project charter and project scope is defined and articulated, you will have to identify project manager and project planners.

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Having project manager, project planner and team members who are subject matter expert for a project in consideration wins half-battle. So based on these identified skillset, project manager has to select resources who will be allocated to project and will be assigned work.

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Project management homework1

Whatever subject you study whether, at college or university, you have to do my assignment at the end of each semester. Those studying management has to study project management paper and also finish an assignment on it/5(14K). Technical Assignment 1: Construction Project Management 8 The D4Cost estimate reported at $/SF with a total project cost of $30,,

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