The question of whether violent acts by college students are caused by television violence

Email Violent movies and video games have long been blamed as culprits that inspire mass shootings and other atrocities committed by young criminals -- with Sandy Hook being a prime example.

The question of whether violent acts by college students are caused by television violence

Some attribute this unfortunate phenomenon to the drinking culture common to college campuseswhile some blame drugs, stress, unaddressed mental illness, or a combination of all three. Whatever the reason, the college campus has become a regular setting for news stories about horrible crimes, from sexual assault to murder to mass murder.

Here are 10 of the most violent and gruesome cases that took place on university grounds that still make us shudder today. One of the most violent crimes in American history took place on the quiet campus of Virginia Tech one April morning in Two hours later, he walked to an engineering building, chained the doors shut from the inside, and started shooting.

Walking from room to room, he first killed 10 and injured two. In the next room, he killed five and wounded six. By the time he turned the gun on himself, he had killed 32 people, 28 of whom he shot in the head, and injured 25 more. This state school in Kent, Ohio will probably always be known for what happened here on May 4, Unarmed students — some of whom were protesting the invasion of Cambodia, and some who were simply walking by — were fired on by national guardsmen.

The plus rounds fired into the crowd killed four students and wounded nine, with one student being paralyzed by a hit in his spine.

The photo of a female student weeping over the body of a murdered student became an international sensation and served as a visual representation of the violence in Asia against which the students had been protesting.

Less than two years after the mass shootings devastated the campus, Virginia Tech was rocked by yet another horribly violent crime. Graduate student Xin Yang had befriended doctoral candidate Haiyang Zhu because of their shared ethnicity; Yang had just come from China two weeks earlier.


The two were having coffee in a campus restaurant, giving no indication to witnesses that either was upset. Suddenly Zhu attacked Yang, stabbing her multiple times and then decapitating her in front of horrified students. He was covered in her blood when police arrived minutes later.

Zhu pleaded guilty to the murder and received life in prison. Mass shootings were nearly unheard of when Charles Whitman began sniping students, professors, and police on the University of Texas campus on Aug. The previous night he had stabbed his mother and wife in the heart, killing both in their sleep.

Armed with a hunting rifle equipped with a 4x scope along with other gunsthe former marine killed three people inside the tower and 10 more from the observation deck. Another 32 were wounded. The massacre was finally ended when three police and a civilian surprised Whitman and shot him to death.

Jeanne Ann Clery murder: The act requires schools to publish security reports. When Clery interrupted Henry robbing her, he beat, cut, raped, sodomized, and strangled her. Cal State Fullerton shooting: The man responsible for the notorious killings at the Cal State Fullerton library in July was a library custodian.

Allaway was convinced porno movies were being made on campus featuring his wife.

In his murder trial, he was found innocent by way of insanity. Northern Illinois University shooting: Former NIU student Steven Kazmierczak was fascinated by the Virginia Tech and Columbine school shootings, but people like his girlfriend and best friend never believed he could do anything similar.

The question of whether violent acts by college students are caused by television violence

There he opened fire on a professor and students, killing five and wounding 21 before taking his own life. Two years before the Kent State shootings shocked the nation, students at South Carolina State went through a similarly violent situation that received much less attention.

The students had gathered to protest segregation at a local bowling alley, but some were throwing fire-bombs and other items. Three men died and 28 were wounded, most of them shot from behind. The sixth-deadliest school shooting in American history happened this year. Oikos University is a tiny Korean private school in Oakland, Calif.

For sheer, disturbing violence, parents killing their kids is arguably the most sickening. She then slit her left wrist and tried to hang herself on a doorknob.The 10 Most Violent Acts Committed on a College Campus.

over the body of a murdered student became an international sensation and served as a visual representation of the violence in Asia against which the students had been protesting. It’s not just students who perpetrate violent crimes on campus.

The man responsible . Depression and Violence in Teens. By Laurie Udesky. The teenagers who've recently committed heinous acts of violence against their classmates, he concludes, "are heroes in their own minds, taking heroic revenge." television, and other media for violent shows and video games; supervise the activities of your children and know their.

Another view from researchers suggests that performing violent acts in video games may be more contributing to children’s aggression than passively watching violent acts on television.

According to this view, the more children practice violent acts, the more likely they are to perform violent acts . Television violence = aggression No television violence= no aggression When a researcher can make a strong inference that one variable caused another, the study is said to have _____.

a. inferential b. external c. internal A researcher asks male and female college students to rate to quality of the food offered in the cafeteria versus. Start studying Chapter 10 practice questions.

Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. C. exposure to violent media tend to increase violence.

D. most violent crimes are premeditated. C. What do MOST high school and college students say about cheating? A. Most say they think it is wrong, but over.

A massive report by a member panel of the National Research Council found that there was not enough evidence to say either way whether right-to-carry laws affected violence.

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