Unsw postgraduate coursework scholarships for international students

Accommodation Scholarships Scholarships that can be used to cover part or all of the cost of accommodation whilst studying at UNSW. Financial Aid Financial aid that comprises a one-off, or otherwise irregular payments, to one or more holders for less than the minimum duration of the academic program. Bachelor A Bachelor degree is the formal award a student receives when they successfully complete an undergraduate university degree program, ordinarily of three or more years duration. These are also sometimes called combined degrees.

Unsw postgraduate coursework scholarships for international students

Postgraduate Coursework scholarships - Scholarships Office - The University of Sydney

Student Exchange Study overseas as part of your degree. Choose from 39 countries and over partner institutions On this page you can find support for UNSW students to study overseas on exchange with our partner institutions.

Program overview Through student exchange, undergraduate, honours and postgraduate coursework students gain credit towards their degree while studying, living and travelling overseas.

Many of our partner institutions also teach courses in English. How does it work? As a UNSW student, you can study overseas at one of our partner institutions for either 1, 2 or 3 terms. Student exchange is part of your degree.

The way it works is that you remain enrolled at UNSW while on exchange and, at the end of your exchange, you bring a full-time credit load back to your UNSW degree. Exchange does not add extra time to your studies. For each term you are on exchange, you will be enrolled in a full time load at UNSW.

The courses you take and pass at the partner university are credited back to your UNSW degree to a maximum of 24 credit units per half year. However, the specific marks you attain for each course are not transferred. Your transcript simply shows satisfactory for the courses transferred.

Cost and scholarships It is important to plan your finances. You will need to cover your living expenses, including accommodation, travel and food.

Living costs vary according to your destination. Visit the international students sections of the partner institution websites to find out more about the cost of living, specific to each city. Many scholarships and traineeships will continue while you are on exchange. Please contact your sponsoring body about any conditions that may affect your application.

Tuition fees Some destinations may require you to pay additional fees but in general, you do not pay tuition fees to your host university. Instead, you continue to pay tuition to UNSW. A student exchange program constitutes a full-time workload for both full-time and part-time students.

During each term, you will be enrolled in a full time load at UNSW. This in turn determines your contribution or tuition band fee rate and the amount you are charged. There are a number of financial awards available. Most awards are awarded on the basis of academic merit.

Scholarships are usually confirmed when exam results for the session prior to exchange are available. The entire application process takes about nine months and you should expect to spend about six weeks researching your options.

You can start your research by seeing where you can study. General requirements for all students You should have at least a credit average to be considered, though some universities require higher grades. Students with less than a credit average should consult our Global Advisors.

Unsw postgraduate coursework scholarships for international students

You need at least 18 remaining units of credit in your degree at the start of your exchange. Your exchange must be to a UNSW partner institution.

Where language proficiency is required, you need to have studied that language at university level for at least 2 years.Thinking about studying Science at UNSW? We have over degrees to choose from across all study levels, and even more subject areas.

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UNSW School of Optometry and Vision Science has developed a new course to add to its Postgraduate Coursework portfolio. The Graduate Certificate in Myopia Management, which is the world’s first university accredited program designed to provide advanced knowledge and clinical experience necessary for registered optometrists to prescribe evidence-based treatment for the management of .

The Postgraduate Research Student Support Scheme (PRSS) is available for candidates undertaking postgraduate research programs at UNSW. This provides financial assistance in presenting research at international conferences outside of Australia.

UNSW Scholarships is responsible for the administration of all undergraduate and postgraduate coursework scholarships offered at UNSW and is the point of contact for any questions relating to these scholarships.

Unsw postgraduate coursework scholarships for international students

Closing dates for international applicants. On-time Applications for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Coursework degrees – All Faculties.

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