Wapusk national park essay

Researchers announced today that they have sequenced the mitochondrial genome of an ancient polar bear. The results were published in the March 1 online edition of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Wapusk national park essay

Pocket Every year, the polar bears of the western Hudson Bay region congregate in the area around Churchill, Manitoba as they wait for the sea ice to form.

Wapusk national park essay

Given circulation of water in Hudson Bay, and the location of river systems which flow into Hudson Bay, the ice near Churchill is the first to freeze in the region. Almost every visitor to Churchill will see polar bears in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area, which is right outside of the town of Churchill.

However, once a year a single trip gets to go further, all the way to Wapusk National Park and the end of Cape Churchill.

It is at Cape Churchill that you can see the greatest concentration of Polar Bears and it is probably the great polar bear experience in the world.

I had the pleasure to be on this trip in November with Frontiers North Adventures. After the polar bear season ends, the population of Churchill drops dramatically until the summer when tourism, particularly beluga whale Wapusk national park essay, picks back up.

Several times during our trip we heard news of bears in or near the town of Churchill. As the bears have nothing to do while they wait for the sea ice to freeze, they often wander into town following the smells coming from the community.

At the start of our trip we had a brief tour of the town, and even in town, we had people on the lookout for bears. In the event of a polar bear sighting, these traps are used to catch polar bears. They are lured into the trap with the scent of seal fat, which is the primary food source for polar bears, and it drives them nuts.

Once in the cage, they are taken to the holding facility where they are held until the sea ice has come in. While in the holding facility, the bears are not fed at all. They are only provided water. The bears have ample fat to survive off of and they have found that when bears are fed, they simply return so they can get the easy food.

Created in by Leonard Smith, he originally took out a National Geographic film crew which popularized the idea of viewing polar bears. The best way I can describe a tundra buggy is that it is a school bus split lengthwise down the middle and widened and placed on top of a monster truck.

The buggies travel very slowly along trails created decades ago when the area was used as a cold weather training facility for the US and Canadian armies. Most bears will do very little in the course of a day as they want to conserve their energy. While you will see bears walking, playing and sparring, mostly they are just sitting around.

During the gathering as they wait for sea ice to freeze, the young males will often use the opportunity to spar with other males.

This activity is practice for serious fighting which may take place later on.

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The males will spar for a few minutes, take a break to cool down and then go at it again. When they see a tundra buggy they will often walk up to investigate. It should be noted that the bears really have no vertical leap ability in this position.Jian Zhang, Shongming Huang and Fangliang He, Half-century evidence from western Canada shows forest dynamics are primarily driven by competition followed by climate, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, , 13, (), ().

A polar bear mother huddles with her two cubs in Wapusk National Park on the shore of Hudson Bay near Churchill, Man.

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Wapusk national park essay

Mar 29,  · Part One: Wapusk National Park Wapusk National Park, located near Churchill Manitoba has been a designated park since April 24, ‘Wapusk’ is the Cree term for “white bear”. All free online essays, sample essays and essay examples on Land Management topics are plagiarized and cannot be completely used in your school.

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