Waseda sils application essay

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Waseda sils application essay

If I remember correctly, the keio application could be written in English without penalty, so certainly do that if you are not confident in your Japanese. I will, however, post copies of the essays that I wrote as possible examples.

Obviously these are not intended for anyone to copy mandatory disclaimer. In the 21st century, Asia will become the focus of global politics and the international economy. Furthermore, America needs individuals who can look at Asia with a broader lens, who are experts not just on one country but on regions in Asia, and therefore able to understand the complex interactions between multiple countries within those regions.

America needs these people. Yet despite all of the indications that the new world order will revolve around Asia, in America there is still a dearth of expertise on the region.

From primary school through postgraduate programs, America still focuses on Europe and ignores Asia. In short, America is headed for a personnel crisis. I believe I can help. This educational background would provide me with the knowledge and skills necessary to fulfill my dream of entering the U.

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As a Foreign Service Officer, I would like to work in Japan, Korea, China and other East Asian countries, solidifying my Japanese, learning Mandarin and Korean, advancing American interests, and promoting mutual understanding between those countries and the United States.

That is my dream. I believe the JLP is the perfect school to help me do so. For the past two years, I have been studying Japanese on my own, without a teacher, for about three hours every day.

Since all of my study has been self-study, I make careless mistakes, am weak at polite speech, and must have many bad habits. I also believe that gaining access to the resources of Keio University would help me grow academically and professionally.

With a library of more than four million volumes, I am sure Keio would not disappoint. Furthermore, the Mita campus is located in close proximity to the International House of Japan Roppongiwhich contains myriad English language resources on Japan, and which I would like to join as a library member.

Studying at Keio would give me access to resources that studying at other language schools could not.

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Furthermore, I am excited by the possibility of taking international studies courses at Keio University. Although my Japanese may not be sufficient for auditing normal university classes during my first semester at the JLP, I am confident that I will be ready by my second semester.

If accepted, I would make use, not only of the academic resources at Keio, but also its social resources. While at Keio, I would like to spend as little time as possible in my apartment, and as much time as possible studying in the library, participating in clubs, meeting with professors, and exploring Tokyo.

As an English teacher, I have refrained from using much Japanese with students or fellow English teachers, as my role has been to help them improve their English. As I said at the beginning of this essay, I see the JLP as the perfect bridge between my past and my future.

It would connect my life as a teacher in rural Japan to my life as a graduate student in Tokyo. It would connect my Japanese self-study with academic study in a graduate program.

It would connect me to resources, people, and opportunities that would allow me to pursue my dream of building connections between Asia and Japan. In short, I strongly believe that my participation in the JLP would help me grow personally and professionally and that I would be an asset to the Keio University community.Oct 26,  · Undergraduate Admission Admission Information.

Founded by the Society of Jesus in , Boston College is dedicated to intellectual excellence and to its Jesuit, Catholic heritage. Mar 07,  · Re: Specific Waseda SILS Application Questions /3/6 If you pass the documentation stage, you might have to do the interview+ essay test and they'll definitely compare the application essay to the test essay.

Waseda sils application essay

“Truth, it has been said, is the first casualty of war.” — Philip Snowden, July In September , less than a month after Japan’s surrender ending World War II and ushering in the U. Mar 28,  · Writing a "study plan" for Keio & Waseda applications.

the keio application could be written in English without penalty, so certainly do that if you are not confident in your Japanese. I will, however, post copies of the essays that I wrote as possible examples.

Obviously these are not intended for anyone to copy (mandatory . Waseda University - School of Political Science and Economics - Official Site A general introduction of our educational principles, curriculum, academic staff profiles, and student interviews, as well as other various information for examinees, current students, and alumni.

Application form, English essay, Certificate of graduation. Those who entered Waseda University in April, , and are at present 1 st year students in the university.

*Your year will be determined by your student number and any delays caused by study abroad, leave of absence from the university and the like, will not be taken into account.

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