Why is eco fashion so popular

Models posing in corporate office wear. Consumers all have different needs and demands that have to be suited. A person's needs change frequently. An important factor to take into consideration when thinking of consumers' needs is the key demographics of the customer.

Why is eco fashion so popular

What the Heck is Vegan Leather?

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This leather substitute is used to make clothing, shoes, accessories, upholstery and more. While a few vegan leathers are cork- or kelp-basedthe vast majority of faux leather has been around for ages, and is made of scary materials like polyvinyl chloride PVCpolyurethane and textile-polymer composite microfibres.

Vegan Leather and the Environment It gets worse. Both leather and vegan leather production emit chemicals harmful to environment and factory workers alike.

For every tonne of hide produced, twenty to eighty cubic metres of chemically toxic, pathogen-contaminated wastewater is unleashed on the environment.

And Amazon rainforests are being depleted at a rate of one hectare every eighteen seconds by cattle ranchers looking to cash in on a bustling market for luxury leather items. Despite these eco-horrors, many eco-warriors find vegan leather production even worse.

For example, the manufacture and incineration of PVC-based synthetics produce one of the most toxic chemicals known to man: When it does break down, vegan leather releases phthalates—initially added as a softening agent—which subsequently enter the food chain and the atmosphere, causing breathing problems, breast cancers, hormonal disruptions and birth defects.

Why is eco fashion so popular

In the production of microfiber-based synthetics, textiles and polymers are often layered together and compressed several times through metal rollers, then submersed in a coagulation solution to solidify.

This chemical process requires excessive levels of toxic substances like dimethylformamide, which has also been linked to cancer and birth defects, and acetic acid, high doses of which can damage skin and eyes.

The leading author of the study, Mark Anthony Browne, is currently working with researchers at the University of South Wales and University of Sydney in Australia to create libraries of the different types of micro fibers omitted into the environment from our clothing and how they adversely affect aquatic life.

His research has attracted the attention of marine science researchers and government agencies in Australia, Europe and USA but has received no support from major clothing brands.

Some manufacturers, including Valentino and the entire Gucci Group now known as Kering are very much aware of the issues surrounding leather production, and have now vowed to use only vegetable dyes, natural tanning processes, and slaughter only cattle raised on old farmland, as opposed to newly razed rain forests.

Other brands are using alternative leathersincluding fish and eel skinswhich usually thrown away as waste in the food production process.

Alternatively, cork is another leather-like substance that looks fabulous in bags and wallets, such as those created by Corx and Matt and Nat. Of course, animal advocates will abhor the use of hide leather, due to the fact that animals die for us to use their skins, and that is quite right.

Ultimately, even the most adamant vegans need to consider this fact:7 Reasons Why Amazon Is So Successful. When Amazon started in , it was a site that only sold books.

Within a month of its inception, the company had already shipped books to over 40 different countries.

Why is eco fashion so popular

Since then, Amazon has become one of the world’s largest e-commerce companies. We've seen so many ethical fashion brands and eco-friendly businesses launch and subsequently close and finish up, 'fail' in other words. Here are the 9 most common reasons why sustainable fashion labels don't seem to make it to their 5th birthday.

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What exactly IS silicone? This explanation cuts away a lot of jargon to make more sense to those outside of the scientific professions: "It is a man-made polymer, but instead of a carbon backbone like plastic, it has a backbone of silicon and oxygen.

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